We previously wrote about the Yevpatorian “storm in a teacup”, when Alexander Loskutov, a invaders’ protege for the criminal role of “head of administration”, a Russian colonialist from the Kursk region, closely associated with the clans of Sevastopol collaborators, “suddenly” left the “electoral distance”.

At the same time, until the end of 2022, Loskutov still tried to “celebrate in public life” in occupied Yevpatoria, but then he “disappeared from the radar” and now was resurfaced in Russian Belgorod, where he was tipped for the “fat” position of deputy mayor – head of the urban economy department

It is noteworthy that this is not the first “Crimean official” transferred to Belgorod, in the same place since January, Valentin Demidov, the former criminal “head of administration” of the occupiers in Simferopol, as well as in Armyansk, was also seen as mayor.

It can be assumed that the Russian occupiers decided to use in the future individual “Crimean officials” they “liked” and thus carry out their “soft evacuation”.

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