Earlier, we wrote about the tragicomic initiative of the Crimean collaborators Oleg Tsekov and Olga Kovitidi about the “cancellation of enemy alphabets”, which predictably caused a “storm of emotions” even among pro-Kremlin structures, since, among other things, it “raises the question about the use” of some Latinic letters, made by the aggressor in 2022 as criminal and at the same time totally inexplicable “symbol” of Russia’s invasion.

Even some occupiers-controlled “media” note that, given the “initiatives of Tsekov”, these letters, especially taking into account the aggressor’s lamentable “successes” of the, must be “replaced with the letter Ж” [from the first letter of “ass” on Russian]. On this occasion, let us cite the words of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov, who said in the liberated Chernobaevka that the soldiers of the Russian invaders after fleeing from Kherson “will understand the first three letters of the name of the city without a translator … this is the only thing they can get from Ukraine” [those letters “хер” mean “dick” on Russian].

We must add that the unsuccessful attempts of the aggressor to use the civilized countries’ “cultural code” to “wrap” their international crimes are now exhaustively assessed by the expert of our Association, Professor Boris Babin, as the complete cultural and ideological impotence of the Kremlin.

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