The aggressor’s propaganda of the reported another criminal show of the elderly Russian spy Georgiy Muradov, this time with an “Egyptian tour”. It is announced about the fake “opening of the representative office of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly in Cairo”, where the mentioned figurant “marked” himself.

At the same time, Muradov’s next, boring, criminal and worthless announcements are being broadcast that the allegedly occupied “Crimea is ready to actively cooperate with Egypt, in particular, to provide its business with the opportunities of its ports for cargo transportation”, namely in the areas of “grain, fertilizers and timber”.

Earlier, it was also reported about the criminal attempts of the aggressor to organize the export of stolen Ukrainian grain from the ports of the occupied Crimea and about manipulations with the alleged “fertilizer production” at the captured “Titan” plant. As for the stolen grain, the aggressor’s traditional criminal focus was on the ports of Syria and Lebanon, where a number of scandals have already passed on this issue in 2022.

Also, the occupiers, criminally “advertising” the Crimean ports, themselves restricted the shipping from their own Azov ports in 2022, when the Kremlin’s imperialist plans obviously took precedence over the economy of the same Rostov Region. However, it is reported that the Egyptians did not accept Muradov’s criminal proposals and they remain mainly on the pages of the aggressor-controlled “media”.

Naturally, new aggressor’s provocations are not ruled out on the eve of new negotiations on the “grain agreement” and a possible extension of its terms, which should be the subject of careful monitoring.

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