Since the beginning of February, the occupiers-controlled “Sevastopol media” have been placing materials that, despite all the efforts of the aggressor’s propaganda, do not form an “attractive picture of a hero city” at all.

For example, the criminal “administration” admitted that it considers about 450 buildings in the occupied Sevastopol as “ownerless”, but cannot not only do anything with them, but simply “protect” them somehow.

At the same time, considering the modern ruins of a once well-organized city with such a “light breath”, the invaders traditionally “breathe unevenly” towards the ancient ruins.
Thus, the infamous “Vesta” company, already noted in the “long-term construction” of the so-called “Inkerman overpass”, will also be involved in cutting 16 million “budget funds” along Ancient Street, located near ‘Tauric Chersonesos’, with too predicted finale.

Let us recall that as a result of the previous criminal “improvements” in this zone, in the pit, dug by the “construction special forces” of the occupying army, due to their incompetence, a groundwater lake was formed, and since the Russian invaders did not think of what to do with it, they stated that this “pond will be ennobled”.

Also, the occupiers gathered to “ennoble” a small pine grove that miraculously remained in the city in the area of the “5th kilometer”, of course – by building another illegal “investment housing” in its place under the guise of “individual development”.

However, in addition to “arranging the ruins,” the Russian invaders promise to massively “drape” Sevastopol with various garbage. We previously wrote about these scams involving criminal “firms” “Clean City” and “Parks and Squares”.

Now, the aggressor-controlled illegal “municipal districts” have announced that in the new year they will receive ten times less “funds” for “sanitary cleaning of the territories” than in 2022. Thus, it is obvious that at the time of the de-occupation, Sevastopol will acquire a truly unique “color”.

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