Earlier, it was reported about a chronic “business conflict” between two illegal invaders-controlled “enterprises” of occupied Sevastopol– the “state unitary enterprise” “Sevastopolgaz” created directly by the Russian invaders and its “namesake”, a fake “joint-stock company”.

This illegal “PJSC” received assets that belonged to Dmitry Firtash before the occupation, through his “Group DF”, and through the Cypriot “Materon Ltd’; also, over time, the fake “administration of Sevastopol” squeezed out “part of the shares” of this “PJSC”. It is the illegal “PJSC” that still remains the “key player” in the city’s “gas market”, and the illegal occupiers-created “SUP” the remains an obvious “minority shareholder”.

Now a number of the aggressors’s most rabid propaganda “media”, such as “Politnavigator”, have spread a “retaliatory strike” from PJSC, which stated that it “subjected to an information attack”, because it was “accused of transferring money to Ukrainian businessmen unfriendly to Russia, who are “fat” for border, while the inhabitants of the hero city are waiting for their houses to be connected to the gas supply networks”.

The very meaning of the “justifications” boils down to the fact that “PJSC” criminally helps the aggressor’s army and participates in ensuring the occupation of Melitopol by sending “gas workers” there, and also “pays a lot of taxes” and its “shareholders” are massively “employees of the enterprise”.

However, the criminal “director of PJSC” Ilya Avlasevich was forced to admit the existence of “four major shareholders”, one of which is Igor Ivankov. This person, the former convicted director of “Dneprogaz” OJSC, is obviously and closely connected with Firtash, and “in justification” Avlasevich could only state that this puppet of the oligarch “received a Russian passport” in 2014.

It is noteworthy that a year ago the same “Politnavigator” furiously “flagged” the same Ivankov, his wife Olga, who “manage Sevastopolgaz from abroad”. However, the current “change of wind” and the interest of PJSC beneficiaries in paid “information services” has a simple explanation.

Declaring in the criminal “media” about the “failure of gasification” of the occupied Sevastopol, for which the Russian invaders made the said illegal “SUP” as “responsible”, the criminal bosses of “PJSC” simply want to “unobtrusively impose” themselves on the “SUP” as “non-alternative intermediaries” in laundering “funds for gasification”.

It is noteworthy that illegal “Krymgazseti” can become their potential competitor in the “laundering partnership”, about the machinations of which we have also repeatedly written.

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