As the occupiers’ propaganda stated, since the beginning of 2023, the illegal “order” of garbage collection will “change” in the “Leninsky, Gagarinsky and Nakhimovsky districts” of Russia-occupied Sevastopol, and the fake “institution” “Parks and Squares” was declared as “executor”, which immediately transferred this “functionality” to the same fake structure “Clean City Enterprise”, which is associated with collaborator Ilya Zhuravlev.

Back in March 2017, it was reported that a search was carried out by Ukrainian law enforcement officers in the Kiev office of Ilya Zhuravlev’s companies, who were registered in the capital of Ukraine for himself and his wife, Natalia Zhuravleva, namely the companies “Ukraine Service Group”, “Kyiv Capital Service”, “Chistograd” and “Ukrlinkom”, mainly at Yaroslavska street 11-B, as well as along Konstantinovska street.

Zhuravlev began his “political career” in 2010, when he was elected to the City Council of Sevastopol under the quota of the “People’s Party” of Vladimir Litvin. As “Krym.Realii” wrote, since 2014, Zhuravlev illegally “registered” for the same wife in occupied Sevastopol “several enterprises”, the fake “director” of some of which was Natalya Panasyuk, the wife of the “former head of the housing and communal services department” of the city .

This includes the aforementioned fake “company” “Clean City”, through which since 2015 the occupiers have “laundered” millions in the “garbage collection”. At the same time, the sharply deteriorating sanitary condition of the occupied city began to be consistently noted by almost all of its residents. Thus, the current “change” will clearly and criminally improve only the financial condition of individual “colonizers” and collaborators, and will clearly not affect the overall littering of Sevastopol.

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