Previously, our Association has already written about the “difficult fate” of “Sevastopolenergo”, which is working for the aggressor, and is most likely associated with the “VS Energy” group of companies, which owns critical energy infrastructure facilities on the territory of mainland Ukraine, including “Khersonoblenergo”.

On November 30, the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine announced that the deputy chairman of the aggressor’s State Duma, Oleksandr Babakov, the likely beneficiary of “VS Energy” and, accordingly, “Sevastopolenergo”, was under suspicion.

At the same time, in the occupied Sevastopol, the criminal invaders’ “administration”, including the fake “governor” Razvozhaev and related businesses, decided to “make some money” in this area and “gather closer” the city’s energy facilities. At the same time, these swindlers used the situation of criminal competition between two aggressor-controlled structures, thereby “Sevastopolenergo” and “102 electric grid enterprises” from the “Russian ministry of defense”.

The fact is that during the years of occupation, the “sphere of interest” of “military” and “civilian” “power engineers” in Sevastopol was so literally “intertwined” that it ended in long blackouts at a number of facilities, which Razvozhaev did not fail to take advantage of. He and his fake “government” offered the military occupiers to “transfer” to them the indicated “102 enterprise”, where they promise “significant investments”.

Where the “Razvozhaev’s people” will “draw” this money, with the occupiers’ “maximum subsidized” and at the same time “deficit city budget”, is not specified, but at the same time they “lit up” the fake “state enterprise” “Tavrida” for these needs.

It is this criminal “Tavrida”, according to Razvozhaev’s “multi-pass plan”, that “will consolidate all the mismanaged electrical networks” of the occupied Sevastopol, and the Russian invaders stated that “400 such electric grid facilities have already been taken into account”.

It is obvious that the Babakov’s clan could “outplay itself”, since obviously dummy “owners” were previously invented for “Sevastopolenergo”, and now their presence, even purely formal, entails “risks of nationalization”, on which the Razvozhaev clan also builds its scam. It should be noted that this “Tavrida”, with 25 million “authorized capital”, was illegally “created” by the occupiers back in 2014, and most likely for other purposes – namely, for criminal speculation of seized Ukrainian, national and city real estate.

Now, in November 2022, the illegal “Sevastopol enterprise”, which “slept” for several years, before its “entry into the energy market”, was put in charge of Dina Goncharuk, who is associated with the former criminal “mayor” of Feodosia Sergey Bovtunenko. Whether the occupants will have time to carry out this scam and “enjoy” its “commercial benefits” before the inevitable de-occupation of Sevastopol is difficult to say now.

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