It is reported that on January 17, the deputies of the Russia’s Belgorod city council “elected the mayor” of the city Valentin Demidov, who in 2022 was declared as “adviser to the head of administration” in the same Russian region.

Demidov is a Crimean collaborator who worked for a long time in the administration of the “Titan” plant and has been building a career in the “Party of Regions” since 2005; since 2007 he has been the mayor of Armyansk.

Having betrayed his homeland and actively supported the Russian invaders, he received fake and criminal “positions” from them, first the illegal “Minister of economic development”, until 2016, later – a fake “post” in the criminal Sevastopol “administration”, and then, in 2021, “mayor” of the occupied Simferopol. At the same time, Demidov was the fifth in a row, since 2014, the “mayor” from the invaders and he “worked in office” for a relatively short time.

The criminal “head of Crimea” Aksyonov then “removed” Demidov from the criminal “position” in his traditional manner, stating that allegedly “following the results of the meeting, Valentin Valentinovich wrote a “statement about his resignation” of his own free will”.

As Aksyonov cynically added then, “I believe that he acted responsibly, as a self-critical “official” who did not achieve the necessary results and admitted a flaw.” It is interesting that the “resignation” of this collaborator was “registered” close to the beginning of large-scale Russian aggression, and most likely the “transfer” of Demidov from the occupied peninsula to Russia in January 2022 was far from accidental.

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