The collaborators’ propaganda the decided to “remember” the fake “international round table” dated on March 25 at the illegal “Crimean federal university” regarding the alleged “historical role of Russia” in nothing more and nothing less than “acquisition and preservation of the sovereignty of other states”.

At the same time, the “reason” for the meeting of collaborators and aggressor’s punishers and spies “working out the agenda” the was, no more and no less, the Independence Day of Greece. The puppets of the aggressor were not particularly embarrassed by the fact that no citizens of Greece were noticed at the “round table”, even in the format of the fake “people’s diplomacy”, so “beloved” by the Russian occupiers.

The only, albeit rather prodigal, “son of Hellas” at the gathering could be considered Odysseus Pipia, a fake “public multi-station worker”, “representing” a bunch of illegal “public structures” occupiers controlled by special services, most of which consist of himself.

However, on this manipulative “day of Greece” it was clearly “no time for the Greeks”, since the main speakers, and the criminal “vice-rector for international affairs and information policy” Sergei Yurchenko, and the elderly spy Georgy Muradov, mainly quoted Pushkin and mostly hinted at the historical the experience of the subversive work of the Russian special services on the Aegean Peninsula, and about a certain “Eastern Christian core”, the “sacred meaning” of which, however, was not detailed.

Obviously, in the current situation of unprecedented isolation of the aggressor, his servants can only become a translator of empty threats and a generator of “white noise” about the “glorious day before yesterday”.

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