On February 19, criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov announced that the occupiers’ fake “state council” “initiated a request to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation about the compliance of the Constitution of the Russian Federation with the Law of the USSR of April 26, 1954 “On the transfer of the Crimean Region from the RSFSR to the Ukrainian SSR.” This show was announced by Konstantinov quite a long time ago and it caused an extremely ambiguous reaction in the Kremlin, which understood what kind of “Pandora’s box” the notorious swindler-developer was reaching into.

However, it is obvious that Konstantinov’s Moscow patrons, offering him a “warm metropolitan position” after “Putin’s re-election,” in this case prevailed, and PR issues took priority over any “rationality”. Let us note that the “speaker” himself in the current announcement insists that the “decision of the constitutional court” “will not change anything” and will be purely propaganda in nature; it’s obvious that they won’t drag it out, having announced it on the eve of the “start of elections”.

The fact that the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation itself, at least in principle, does not have the authority to evaluate Soviet law, and can only interpret “constitutionality” in the format of the 1993 Constitution of the Russian Federation, naturally in this situation no longer interests anyone.

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