We have repeatedly written about the long “war of compromising evidence” played out by the aggressor’s special services as part of the “storm in a glass” organized by them, regarding close circle of the criminal “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov.

In particular, the role of Eyvaz Umerov was noticed, as such invaders punishers’ “drain tank”, who in recent months has been playing the role of an “oppositionist” and mainly engaged in “exposing” Crimean Tatar collaborators close to Aksenov from the so-called “muftiyat” of Emirali Ablaev.

Now Umerov has issued new “revelations”, the essence of which boils down to the “justification” of the endless “construction” of the “Cathedral Mosque” in the Russia-occupied Simferopol

This long-term construction is being “dragged” by the Russian occupiers in the clear calculation of political pressure on the Turkish authorities, which was almost directly stated more than once, both in the occupied Crimea and in the Kremlin.

However, according to Umerov’s “version”, this “delay” is allegedly connected with large-scale embezzlement related to the “contract for facade work” which, with a “total estimate of more than a billion rubles”, was allegedly “received” by the occupiers-controlled “Miras” “company”.

Umerov “links” these possible thefts with the activities of the invaders’ criminal “Deputy minister of resorts and tourism”, Ametkhan Tyncherov and of his wife, the daughter of the above-mentioned Ablaev, Elzara Tyncherova.

The invaders’ resources call Tyncherov as an illegal “former deputy director for economic issues” of the same “Miras”.

In 2017, it was reported that the Russian occupiers intended to “attach” Tyncherova to the criminal role of “principal of school No. 44” in the Fontany microdistrict of Simferopol, but now she is listed as a fake “director of the kindergarten” “Luchik”.

The illegal “Miras” itself had, at various times, fake “founders” and “leaders”, such as Siyara Bekirova, Elvira Sadredinova, Rujdi Nafiyev, as well as probably Turkish citizens Manish Rafet and Kalkan Adem, and Dilaver Kerimov is its current illegal “director”.

The latter is clearly not a stranger to the occupiers’ criminal “administration”, since he gave, in the fake role of “chairman of the expert commission of the gold fund of the construction of the Crimea”, a certain “premium” in 2021 to the illegal firm “Consol”, controlled by the criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov.

In such conditions, it is obvious that Umerov in his “revelations” clearly “keeps it up”, because the main rule for “whistleblowers” of this type, has always been “not to come out in the end on himself”.

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