Since April 27, the propaganda of the occupiers “meaningfully” talked about a certain “teleconference with the participation of young people” allegedly held between the occupied Simferopol and Iranian Tehran.

However, on April 28, the characteristic details of this “international event” were made public, which very much resembled the “days of friendship with Cuba” held by the occupiers in the same Simferopol without Cubans.

This time it turned out that the “teleconference” was held between the Simferopol “school number 18” and such an “Iranian” institution as a school at the Russian embassy in Iran.

Obviously, the next level of “international activity” of the invaders will be “teleconferences” with Russian diplomats in third countries. It is also characteristic that the number of curators and guards at the “teleconference” clearly exceeded the number of “carefully selected” schoolgirls.

At the same time, the propaganda of the invaders does not hesitate to emphasize the “subject of the teleconference”, the history of Nazi concentration camps in Crimea, while today the number of Ukrainians forcibly held in the dungeons of the peninsula by Russian Nazis is comparable to the figures of 1943.

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