Earlier, we reported that since the summer of 2022, the Russian invaders have turned the once resort Yevpatoria into a kind of “center” for accommodating and “retraining” a few collaborators from the newly Russia-occupied areas of the Kherson region.

Then, the Russian occupiers began to criminally bring Kherson children and youth to the former health resort, allegedly for “recovery”, but in fact – for the purpose of forced deportation.

Now in Yevpatoria, the Russian occupiers are massively checking the basements of apartment buildings, of which there are more than 700 in the city, apparently for their use as bomb shelters.

At the same time, the Russina invaders traditionally use simple propaganda that allegedly this is carried out “under the strict control” of collaborators from the criminal “United Russia”, including the fake “deputy chairman of the town council” Vyacheslav Stepanov, but at the same time, of course, “on a voluntary basis”, that is, at the expense of homeowners.

It is also worth noting the “civil defense exercises” were hastily conducted by the occupiers in November, in which collaborators from the “town administration” of Yevpatoria Sergey Zagrebelsky and Vasily Matviychuk, together with the occupiers’ punishers, “checked the readiness of temporary accommodation and heating points for the population.”

Most likely, the invaders plan to use Yevpatoria in the winter, with its large reserve fund of recreational facilities, sanatoriums and boarding houses idle due to Russian aggression, as a key “hub” for further criminal forced “evacuation” of the population from the Kherson region, as well as for accommodation “reserves” of the aggressor troops.

It is worth adding that since November in yevpatoria there have been interruptions in the centralized water supply, and town trams, as the main “social” mode of transport for local residents, have become much less frequent.

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