As it was previously reported, since the fall of 2022, as part of the Kremlin clans’ struggle to “rock” the criminal “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov, who is associated with a number of their competitors, his “worst friends” “hooked into the process” the sister of the infamous Natalia Poklonska, Olena Osadcha, who at one time received from her “noble relative” the criminal “post” of the fake “head of administration” in the village of Uyutne, Saki District.

Among other things, this “storm in a glass” led to the spread of various “compromising materials” through the network of “opposition telegram channels” to collaborators close to Aksyonov, without much practical result.

Unless after the “scandal with the air defense lands” of the occupiers, the “self-resignation” of the criminal “head of administration” of Yevpatoriya Alexander Loskutov happened, connected both with the same Aksyonov and with the Sevastopol collaborator and “developer” Pavlo Lebedev, that could be connected with that “storm”.

Further, from the first days of 2023, Russian propaganda began to “escalate the situation”, reporting almost daily that the “investigative committee” of the aggressor “begins to investigate” certain facts from the “rich life” of the Crimean collaborators. Thus, the situation began to develop in the direction of the aggressor’s search for another “scapegoat” in occupied Simferopol.

At the same time, the usually “restless” Aksyonov “disappeared from the radar” for several days, and his PR servants did not post any “materials” on his behalf. The criminal head of the Crimea “surfaced” already on January 11, having “marked” himself at the criminal and fake “presentation of awards” to the soldiers of the aggressor in their “military camp” near the Perevalne village.

On the same day, by “coincidence”, the Russian invaders’ punishers conducted “searches” “on the rancho” of the same Olena Osadchaya in the criminal “administration” of same Uyutne village, and the “garbage media” close to Aksenov began to “merge shocking details” about fraud with the lands of the same seaside village, affecting more than 570 plots, in fact quite typical for the Russia-occupied Crimea.

At the same time, the notorious “fighter for the decommunization” of Bakhchisarai restaurants, Yalta grannies and Simferopol ladies, a “blogger” from Russian military intelligence Alexander Talipov began to link these “cute resort fun” with Natalia Poklonskaya herself, as well as with a certain collaborator Sergei Kolganov, who since 2014 years served the Russian occupiers in the criminal roles of “prosecutor” and “deputy head of administration” of the same Saki district.

In general, it can be stated that the struggle of the collaborators’ groups does not subside, but it is still unclear who will eventually become the next “scapegoat”, whom the Kremlin will traditionally “blame for all the hardships” of the occupied peninsula.

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