On December 16, the fake “head of the republic” Sergey Aksyonov published some “reflections” about the “military clash with the Americans”, the essence of which boils down to calls to “trust” Putin, who allegedly owns “the fullness and reliability of information about the current geopolitical situation”. However, as Aksyonov adds, “no matter how much anyone would like now, such actions will have consequences”.

The purpose of such a statement remained incomprehensible to many, but here it is worth recalling the recent scandal about a group of aggressor-controlled persons, the so-called “national liberation movement”, who have been holding “marches” since mid-November under the general slogan “on Washington”. These “actions” in Moscow, and three days ago such a “group of protesters” criminally marched through the center of the Russia-occupied Sevastopol.

Beating the rhythm of the “enemy” song “We will rock you” with plastic bottles filled with sand, the participants of the criminal show chanted “aim, Ramzan, Sergey, launch!”

Andrey Fedotov, the criminal “chief of staff of the movement in Sevastopol”, who was connected with the aggressor’s military intelligence, said that these “performances” were allegedly dedicated to “the need to introduce flight missions into strategic nuclear deterrent missiles”, which were allegedly “zeroed” in Russia under Yeltsin. The “highlight” of the situation was that the local criminal “administration” may be not directly involved in this Russian special services’ provocation, and the inhabitants of the peninsula learned about its implementation not from the local occupiers’ propaganda, but from the Minsk media “Belrusinfo” controlled by the Belarusian dictator.

Thus, Aksyonov, in his equally criminal calls to “trust the leader” on “such issues”, did not miss the opportunity, on behalf of the “competing group” of the aggressor, to mock his “worst friend”, the criminal “governor of Sevastopol” Razvozhaev, “under whose nose” this “show” of Russian punishers’ puppets was organized.

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