As the aggressor controlled media reported, in early August, the passenger sea boat “Poet Andrukhaev” got into an accident on the Balaklava beach “Serebryany”.

It is indicated that “when leaving the beach, “Poet Andrukhaev” hooked the cable of a dead anchor with one screw” and that “the crew of the boat and the beach personnel tried to free the screw on their own, but the wound nylon rope had to be cut off.”

It is stated that after the incident, the criminal “captain of the Sevastopol port” on August 4 “did not give permission for the boat “Poet Andrukhaev” to go to sea until the control inspection of the vessel was carried out.” This is not the first incident with boats over the past year.

It should be noted that on this “private boat”, allegedly owned by Eduard Yeshan, the criminal “officials” of “Sevelectroavtotrans” traditionally laundered funds through fake “time charter agreements” “for the provision of services for the provision of a sea vessel for the transport of passengers”.

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