As the occupiers’ propaganda stated, “for the first time in 9 years, rice is sown in the Dzhankoy region of the occupied peninsula,” with the mention of the illegal “limited liability company” “Bacon”, allegedly “specializing in the production of rice.”

The collaborators say that since 2014, “wheat and barley have been sown instead of rice in the checks,” and in 2022, “Bacon” “started cleaning canals and restoring the irrigation system of rice checks”, planning to sow 482 hectares with rice.

It is worth dwelling in more detail on the beneficiaries of “Bacon”, who are listed in the fake aggressor “registers” as Anatoly Kurganov and “Krym Agro Tsekh” from the “Krasnogvardeysky district” of the occupied Crimea.

“Krasnogvardeisky businessmen”, who also operate with the fake structure “Crimean Milkman”, such as Sergey Kabachek are closely connected with the occupation administration, in particular, the same Kabachek in 2020 tried to cut down with the fake “mayor” of Yevpatoria Roman Tikhonchuk central resort park “for attractions”.

However, the person of Kurganov is much more interesting, since his “full namesake” from the Ukrainian registers “by a strange coincidence” owns the company “Agro-industrial complex “Bacon”, registered in Novotroitske, Donetsk Region.

Kurganov himself is registered in occupied Donetsk, but in addition to the said “Bacon”, he owns the Kyiv company “Ruta-Plus”, the firms “Novotroitske” and “DAKS” in the same Dobropolsky District, as the “mainland” “Bacon” in the territory, controlled by Ukraine, also he owns firm “Rutex” in Kramatorsk, firm “Chaika-Lux” in the Izyum District, and is also a co-founder of the Kiev firms “Automobile group “IST”, “Small Fruit”, “Organic trading company” and “Teora” with a large number of capital beneficiaries involved .

Also, Mr. Kurganov has a number of structures in the Russia-occupied Donetsk, as well as his son Ruslan with a series of companies of various registrations. Thus, the illegal Crimean “rice growers” have not only powerful “Donetsk roots”, but also an obvious “Kiev cake”, which certainly requires an appropriate response.

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