As it follows from the Decree of the Russian President № 635 of October 21, 2020, Putin set theRussian government the task within a year and a half to ensure the «full implementation of thedecision» on the transformation of the Sevastopol Marine Plant into a joint-stock company withinclusion in the Russian Federal United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC). The process of disposing ofthe seized Ukrainian property by the occupier is called «integration», but in fact, with the main goal ofusing the production capacities of the Crimean shipbuilding industry in the interests of the RussianBlack Sea Fleet and the FSB Border Guard.
The invaders began «solving this issue» with the corporatization of the 13th Shipyard of the Black SeaFleet by the USC corporation, which was planned to be completed in early 2020, investing two billionrubles in its modernization before and possibly the same amount after. “General Director” of the 13thshipyard, Alexander Yuryev, over the past three years, following instructions from above, reported thatthe plant was allegedly “fully loaded with work” on defense orders of the invaders.

However, surwey fo the judicial registers of the Russian Federation indicates that this enterprise isconducting several «court cases», being on the verge of bankruptcy. “Claims” against the plant exceed36 million rubles, and those «disputes», no matter how ridiculous it may seem, with the Ministry ofDefense of the Russian Federation. We regularly report on illegal voyages of Russian ministers to theoccupied Crimea and the measures they are taking. In this case, it should be noted the similar«working trip» of the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov to Sevastopol, as a resultof which the «governor» of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev reported that after corporatization of theUSC it would be possible to create «more compact, modern and relevant modern production».
The cited Вecree of the Russian President creates the «legal basis» for the takeover of the so-called«federal state unitary enterprise» «Sevastopol Marine Plant named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze» is aRussian corporation under international sanctions since July 2014. As for the efficiency of theSevastopol Marine Plant activity, its load was found to be insufficient, and the so-called «governmentof Sevastopol» announced «work» on its stable provision with state orders. Translated from the bureaucratic into human language, the transition of this plant, burdened with debts, to the USC willmean degradation, and possibly the curtailment of the enterprise`s activities.

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