As we already wrote, the gradually collapsing building of the Sevastopol “Aquarium”, which was once the “sea facade” of the city, became the object of a tragicomic “PR” from collaborators. First, the local illegal “figures” began to hang “portraits of leaders” around the building, and then they announced that they were being “evicted” by the so-called “Kovalevsky institute of biology of the southern seas”, controlled by the aggressor.

Since the “Aquarium” scammers now control a historical and once famous popular science object, their “pessimistic announcement” caused both an obvious reaction from local residents and a fountain of statements from the fake “governor” Razvozhaev that he “won’t allow” and “ decide everything.”

However, as it turned out, in fact, no one in the “institute” and “Aquarium” “evicted” anyone. It’s just that until now the collaborators have managed with a lease agreement concluded before the occupation of Crimea, and now they are being forced criminally to “update” the document, which naturally, in the conditions of the “bureaucratic realities” of the occupiers, has become a long “going through the torment” for them. Therefore, the figures of the two “related institutions” decided to save on bribes and “bring the problem to the masses”, but at the same time they clearly did not expect that “everyone who wants” would decide to promote themselves on the “aquarium” issue.

Earlier we already wrote that the strange idea of one “director” to illegally “re-register” with the occupiers the legal Ukrainian documents already left more than two hundred Sevastopol residents without garages.

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