Throughout the autumn of 2022, there was a certain “stream of consciousness” from the main occupiers’ Crimean “talking heads” regarding “preparation for the New Year”. Either the collaborators stated that there would be no “celebrations”, then that they “will be but limited”, and in general, one got the impression from their persistent attention to this issue, that allegedly “there are no problems”, on the occupied peninsula in addition to “New Year’s fun”.

On December 7, “sworn friends” Sergei Aksyonov and Vladimir Konstantinov “gave birth” with new fake “New Year’s instructions”, which were massively disseminated by the invaders’ propaganda. So, Aksyonov announced a certain “removal of restrictions on the use and use” of “pyrotechnic products” on New Year’s Eve, while cynically urging “to comply with the framework”, and Konstantinov promised to “work out a list” of fake bans, stating that “some restrictions are possible ” and “for the most part it will be self-limiting.”

Here, at first glance, the painful attention of collaborators to fireworks is explained quite simply. In the occupied Crimea, it has become a good tradition to launch New Year’s fireworks according to Kyiv, and not Moscow time, and it is natural to “identify and punish” thousands of such “violators” for the punishers of the aggressor is unlikely to succeed.

At the same time, it is obvious that these “violators” will still ignore the fake “prohibitions on firing fireworks”, and therefore New Year’s Eve becomes a “political problem” for the occupiers, for the solution of which they come up with the above tricks, so that, in particular, the initiative salutes of the Crimeans were “smeared over time” by ones, “officially permitted” from the occupiers and de-facto organized by them. However, no fuss with fireworks will remove from the agenda the obvious “gifts” for collaborators from the Ukrainian state in the coming 2023.

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