Throughout the entire large-scale Russian aggression, one characteristic feature, which we wrote about earlier, became noticeable – the impossibility for the Russian invaders to criminally gather some significant “volunteer units” from the inhabitants of the occupied Crimea.

The Crimean residents become “cannon fodder” for the aggressor within the framework of the criminally “mobilized”, “conscripted”, recruited by “private companies” or “contract servicemen” who have associated themselves with the army of the invaders until 2022, but the aggressor at the same time had neither the opportunity nor the desire to form them criminally into separate “volunteer” military structures, as it happened in the regions of the Russian Federation itself.

When this situation began to be actively displayed in the media, the occupiers nevertheless decided, at least at the level of PR, to declare “Crimean volunteers”. At the same time, obviously remembering the past bad experience with the fake “battalion” “Tavrida”, which turned out to be largely from anyone but not their population of the occupied territories, the invaders make the current statements as “vague” as possible.

On January 25, Melitopol collaborator Yevgen Balitsky stated that “on the front line in the Vasilyevka area” allegedly “there is a battalion “Livadia”, created on the initiative” of the criminal Sergey Aksyonov.

Further, the occupiers’ “Crimean” propaganda, several times sparingly mentioned “Livadia” as some kind of “Aksenovites”, but they were also “embarrassed” to report such “little things” as the number and leadership of this criminal structure.

In fact, it can be assumed that we are talking about a fairly compact gang, whose main task in the contact zone is the “classic” attempts for the Aksenov clan to form criminal “cargo flows”, in particular, “through the ribbon”.

Returning to the criminal “Tavrida”, we note the new statements of the Russian occupiers about the “inclusion” of the “Sevastopol company” in it, which will allegedly be recruited, this time from the “volunteers” of the occupied city, and also “with the support” of the same Aksyonov. The criminal PR of the “company” is carried out by its declared “commander”, collaborator Oleg Gasanov, who was previously brought by the aggressor’s special services into various structures such as the pseudo-public “Our Sevastopol” or “public council under the management of the tax service”.

It is noteworthy that Gasanov is in fact not a military man, but an “information worker” controlled by the special services of Russia with a fake diploma of higher education, among other things, he is an “author and presenter” on the aggressor-controlled “IKS-TV”. Before the start of the occupation of Sevastopol, to which he actively criminally contributed, Gasanov was associated with the “Alvion-Ukraine” IT company for several years, which was illegally “re-registered” by the occupiers as “Alvion-Europe” in 2014.

Therefore, it is obvious that the main role of this figure will be in the criminal “information cover” of Aksenov’s “tik-tok” troops, taking into account the possible large-scale “political” criminal plans of the illegal “head of Crimea” “on the mainland”.

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