The aggressor’s ‘Crimean” propaganda announced the gathering of “heads of agricultural enterprises” in the criminal “ministry of agriculture”. But it was not about the difficult situation in the industry caused by the “genius of the Kremlin”, but about “lawsuits of farmers against Ukraine” within the framework of the fake “arbitration on blockade” described by us earlier, started by the occupiers.

It is noteworthy that the collaborators themselves not only do not hesitate to declare that the “claim for damage caused by the water blockade” from the criminal “Crimean authorities” “was agreed at the highest level and received the support of the Russia’s Supreme Court”, but also to state that voluntarily even the “agrarians” controlled by the aggressor clearly do not want to participate in this scam.

Thus, the “gathering of directors” took the form of a stream of demands from the criminal Efim Fix to “prepare lawsuits” that no one from the “agricultural producers” filed, and the “Crimean farmers”, taken aback by such “pressure and agility”, were left to “modestly clarify” what to do with “court fee” for this show, and having heard in response that “it will be possible to recover this amount from the defendant after the completion of the trial”, the “entrepreneurs” “prudently kept silent”.

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