As we already wrote, after a series of “tragic accidents” in the criminal “administration of the Kherson region”, moved by the occupiers to Henichesk, the aggressor’s special services began to “media promote” a new criminal “talking head” there, namely the Donetsk collaborator Anna Barkhatnova. However, now in the “race of favorites” of Russian punishers, Kherson collaborator Tatyana Kuzmich, announced by the aggressor on December 9 as the criminal “deputy” of Saldo, may have “pulled ahead”.

Recall that before the large-scale Russian aggression, Kuzmich was not only marked as a person mastering “Russian grants”, but she was also detained by Ukrainian law enforcement officers on charges of high treason and work for the FSB. But now something else is noteworthy – namely, the fake show of criminal “integration” held yesterday by the invaders in occupied Simferopol, on the basis of the illegal “Crimean engineering and pedagogical university”, to which the Russian invaders brought Kuzmich as the main character.

This “event” was emphasized by the invaders’ “media”, as allegedly carried out by Crimean Tatar collaborators, and such persons close to the fake “head of Crimea” Aksyonov as Eskender Bilyalov, Zaur Smirnov and Chingiz Yakubov were “lit up” at it. At the same time, as we noted earlier, since October 2022, some of these FSB puppets have been “publicly accused” by Eyvaz Umerov, controlled by Russian military “bloggers”, of “disloyalty” and “development of Turkish grants”.

It is obvious that the current criminal “show with Kulinich” is beneficial to Russian “political” punishers twice – they are “promoting” a new “Henichesk star” and at the same time “emphasizing the loyalty” of their “Crimean Tatar protégés” in the fight against the “sworn friends from the ministry of defense” of the aggressor. We may add that for those who are not aware of these “subtleties” of the undercover struggle of the occupiers, the show taking place in the “institute” obviously looked “incomprehensible and meaningless”.

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