Since the autumn of 2022, a significant element of the Crimean collaborators’ criminal statements has become the subject of fake “assistance” in the criminal “integration” with the aggressor of the newly occupied territories – parts of the Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions of Ukraine.

However, as it was already mentioned, despite the constant statements of Sergei Aksyonov and Viktor Konstantinov about the criminal allegedly “experience of the unique Crimean path”, no “rapid integration” has occurred, as the results of 2022 directly and obviously speak of.

As a result, the aggressor’s propaganda announced such allegedly criminal “breakthrough achievements” of the occupiers since January 1 as a criminal ban on the circulation of the hryvnia and the “mandatory Russian language” of signboards and billboards.

Billboards are now “so important” for the Russian occupiers, because, among other things, they are faced with “sudden problems” of their illegal television and radio broadcasting in the left-bank Kherson region.

In addition, the criminal “civil administrations” of the occupiers turned out to be in principle unable to “solve” any “issues of local importance”, and this is so obvious that the Kremlin did not begin to carry out the planned criminal “adoption of the constitutions of the two regions” at the end of 2022, since the occupiers simply did not they know what to write in these criminal “documents” in general.
In the sphere of “economy”, the Russian occupiers entered on the mainland into a situation of collapse of two power plants they seized, Zaporizhzhya and Kakhovka, as well as the collapse of land reclamation systems, without which the agriculture on the left bank of the Dnieper is ineffective.

Under these conditions, commenting on the aggressor’s PR about the construction of a fake “garden city” on the Arabat Spit, and about “voting on the future name of the city for 30 thousand people”, some collaborators themselves, realizing the absurdity of the situation, “offer to name” it “New Kherson” following the example of the fake city “New Vasyuki” from the so-called “well-known Soviet comedy”.

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