As the criminal “officials” from the “department of natural resources and ecology” of the Russian occupiers in Sevastopol stated, they “plan to return water to the shallow Inkerman quarry”.

Earlier, in 2020, when the Russian invaders declared in 2020 that “there is not enough water to supply the city in the Chernorechenske reservoir”, they began to use water from the Inkerman and Kadykovsky quarries as additional sources, for which pipelines were laid.

At the same time, of course, significant funds were ‘written off’ for this, and the aggressor’s soldiers carried out illegal construction. Now the occupiers are planning to write off the funds for “pumping water” into the quarry, and here, first of all, the fakeness of the process itself is noteworthy, since when the pumping stopped, it began to be filled in a natural way.

Therefore, criminal “officials” strive to have time to write off funds not only while they are physically in Sevastopol, but also until the Inkerman quarry fills up on its own in a rainy spring of 2023.

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