On December 27, the criminal “head of administration” of occupied Yalta, Yanina Pavlenko, again stated that she had been offered to create a “cat nursery” in the city. This “piercing love for animals” has a rather mercantile explanation: the Yalta “authorities” have been making good money from the “dog issue” in recent years. In July 2022, Pavlenko already announced the “construction of a municipal shelter for homeless animals” as a “municipal enterprise”, and “budget funds” were already written off for this project, without any visible result to the townspeople.

At the same time, the same Pavlenko was promoting herself at the private dog shelter “Kovcheg”, founded in Yalta before the occupation of the Crimea, and, moreover, under the guise of “relocation of the shelter”, she carried out a number of land scams, measured in hectares and not having a “dog price” at all. Let us note that the “Kovcheg” itself, headed by permanent Muscovite Anna Sergeeva, has quite unambiguous goals: “reducing the number of stray animals”.

However, Pavlenko will promote financial and land scams “on cats” not with the trouble-free “Kovcheg”, but with the odious “Crimean businessman” and collaborator from the “Liberal democratic party of Russia” Viktor Zhilenko. Previously, we wrote about his plans to “build a zoo in Alushta for five hundred homeless cats”, and now this project has moved to Yalta, where this swindler, associated with the Dzhangobegovs’ clan, controlled by the Moscow level of Russian punitive forces, maintains a “crocodilarium” created under the auspices of a militant, and the former “mayor” of Yalta, Andrei Rostenko, close to the “head of Crimea” Aksyonov.

Zhilenko also “holds” the “Bakhchisarai miniature park,” where on October 7, with the participation of the criminal Vladimir Konstantinov, they dismantled a copy of the American Statue of Liberty, installed there before the occupation of the peninsula, taping its eyes with black tape and dousing it with some slop.
Apparently, “in return,” the same Zhilenko brought an elderly walrus to the “Bakhchisarai Zoo” in December.

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