As we already wrote, the Russian invaders were never able to obtain from the residents of the occupied Crimea the illegal “maximum re-registration of real estate” into fake “Russian registries”, despite repeated propaganda campaigns, including those related to summer cottages and garage cooperatives of Crimean residents. Local residents understand correctly that any appeals to the occupiers regarding fake “re-registration” are not only illegal and can lead to the loss of legal Ukrainian documents for real estate.

They also bear the risk of an immediate “revision of the situation”, naturally “in favor” of the occupation “administration” and certain collaborators who received information about “valuable resources” from gullible owners.

A classic example was the Sevastopol “garage cooperative “Tsentr-2” on the Heroes of Brest Street, created before the occupation, back in 1997. Since 2014, its owners were in no hurry to submit their legal Ukrainian documents for fake “re-registration” to the occupiers, until in June 2022 it was “headed” by a certain Vladimir Bichul, who for some reason decided to “carry out” a fake “legalization of property rights”.

It is predicted that as soon as the Ukrainian documents about the lands of the garage cooperative on the “tasty” site fell into the fake “administration”, into the hands of the infamous Pavel Ieno, as they write even in the occupiers-controlled “media”, “three unknown persons arrived and confronted people with a fact – cooperative will be demolished. Dismantling announcements appeared on every garage.” At the same time, the demolition is proceeding quite quickly, and in total the occupiers plan to destroy 280 garages, including a number of “capital buildings”, where, as reported, “11 families with young children live”.

Naturally, no one offers any “compensations” to the owners of garages, and it is obvious that the “hunt” of collaborators for such “delicious plots of land” will continue until the start of de-occupation of the peninsula.

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