On December 16, the occupiers’ propaganda began to “actively cover” the criminal visit to the occupied Crimea by the so-called “chairman of the government of South Ossetia” Konstantin Dzhussoev. In addition to fake “meetings” with key Crimean collaborators, the aggressor’s Caucasian puppet promised to “strengthen” some illegal “cooperation” of fake “higher educational institutions” and illegally “launch a direct bus route” from Tskhinval to the occupied peninsula.

It is obvious that the international isolation of the occupied Crimea is forcing the Kremlin to take precisely such tragicomic “steps of cooperation” between its puppets. Let us recall that the illegal regime in Tskhinval was actively illegally used by the invaders for the so-called “banking”, or rather, laundering of funds in the occupied territories of Georgia and Ukraine through the criminal “International Settlement Bank”. However, after a series of appeals to international institutions indicating that Georgia should respond to such forms of terrorist financing, the Russian invaders “shifted their focus” and now the “Russian state banks” criminally became basis of the financial aggression of the occupiers in Crimea, Melitopol and Henichesk, in the first line the “Promsvyazbank”.

Obviously, any illegal “educational cooperation” with the Tskhinval regime, which controls no more than 50,000 people, can only be of a fake, propaganda nature. Well, as for the criminal “bus routes”, it is also worth recalling that Dzhussoev himself recently, namely on November 11, held a “meeting” in Tskhinval regarding the deplorable state of the local “state monopoly”, the “road transport department”, which has neither a bus fleet nor drivers.

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