The occupying authorities continue to try to use the historical and cultural monuments of Sevastopolfor propaganda purposes, but not always successfully. Despite the fact that the issues of ideology andpropaganda, in particular the events of the Second World War, are “fundamental” for the occupyingpower.
In August of this year, the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova, paid anillegal visit to Sevastopol. As a part of this “working visit”, the minister was accompanied by the“acting governor” of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhayev, and the visit itself was part of the “election”ritual of this “leader” of the hero city, appointed by the Russian authorities.
Inspecting the Historic Boulevard, the minister said that “the situation does not withstand anycriticism”. As Lyubimova declared, with “teachings of a wise Moscow leader”, “very serious mistakeswere made at the stage of repair and construction work”. She stated the importance of “not onlytidying up the area”, “but also reconstructing the key objects of the memorial complex”. In his turn,Mikhail Razvozhayev, explaining the mismanagement in relation to the Historical Boulevard, comparedit with the sewer, said that the contractor “failed” and “today we need the same efforts as from thetreatment plant “South””, we need to “return advance, finalize the project”. Therefore, the occupiers inSevastopol will continue to use federal funds with treatment plants and the Historic Boulevard, mostlikely with the same result.

Among other ideological objects, Olga Lyubimova commented on the state of work in the “SevastopolMilitary History Museum-Reserve”, which the occupiers call the “federal state budgetary institution ofculture” (“FGBUK”). Back in May 2020, the occupiers announced the “completion of the first stage ofwork on the ensemble of the memorial complex “Mount Sapun”. According to those ambitious

statements, the “second stage of repair and restoration works” should continue on the territory of thecomplex, and this museum complex was to appear in a modified form by the end of the year.
At the same time, the basis of the work on “Mount Sapun” was to be ordered by “FGBUK” “SevastopolMilitary History Museum-Reserve” for 6.8 million rubles, including processing of the diorama“Onslaught the Mount Sapun” canvas from the front and back, restoration of fragments of the dioramaforeground, and also strengthening of canvas tension, with possession the observation deck lighting.After the “pre-election orders” were issued, the minister left for Moscow, and the occupiers inSevastopol were forced to postpone the restoration of the canvas by the “Onslaught the MountSapun” diorama.
As the specialists, ready to “share the tender” with the customers, did not participated for somereasons, only one application was received to participate, from one of the most competent artists-restorers of the Russian Federation, a lector of the Moscow art institute, Lisnyanska Darya Serhiivna.But her application was recognized by the occupiers as “not meeting the requirements for licensing”.Therefore, the restorer Daria Lisnyanska, who apparently was not ready to give a huge tender setbackto the occupation authorities, thus failed to carry out these works and thus failed to commit theoffense against the interests of Ukraine in the occupied city.
Other “electoral promise” of the “governor” Razvozhayev, becides the “Onslaught the Mount Sapun”diorama restoration, also turned out to be fake.
The divert the waters of Kokkozka River, the inflow of the Belbek River from the Bakhchisaray districtof Crimea to Sevastopol promised this summer by this “governor”, was blocked in September 2020 byhis Simferopol “colleagues” due to lack of water respectively for Bakhchisarai.
So the “pompous plans” of the occupiers in Sevastopol still remain just propaganda ones, and their“promises” turned out to be untrue once again.

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