On the afternoon of March 22 in occupied Sevastopol and on the morning of March 23 in occupied Yevpatoria, residents heard the sounds of gunfire and explosions.

After that, both the occupying “authorities” and the “bloggers”, controlled by the aggressor began to declare that these were supposedly planned “exercises”, while stating that these were already “permanent processes” and the population allegedly “should get used to and be calm”.

Yevpatoria also obviously should get used to the complete lack of water: early in the morning on March 23, the pressure in the city water supply system was reduced to a minimum, allegedly due to “another accident” near Lesnovka, Saksky District.

We already wrote that constant, almost monthly large-scale accidents on the Yevpatoria water conduit are probably associated with the “service water conduits” built after 2014 by the Russian occupiers to their bases on Lake Donuzlav, and with the corresponding sharp drops in consumption, for which the systems were not designed.

Under such conditions, the criminal “administration” of Yevpatoria is allegedly “preparing for the holiday season” and promises to open “100 hotels”, but at the same time, extremely interesting requirements are set for the “tourist business” driven by the occupiers: to conclude “contracts for supply” with “Crimean suppliers”.

Naturally, this is not about some desire to “support the manufacturer”, but about the fact that the Russian occupiers are well aware of the “hanging by a thread” logistics of the occupied peninsula and realize that it is massively illegal to supply “to Crimea” goods and raw materials, especially those that are not related to the support of the aggressor’s army, they already unable.

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