The old swindler-developer and “at same time” criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov is not limited in his fake “lawsuits against Ukraine” and threats against the United States; his criminal actions often have a purely applied material dimension.

On this occasion, a scam with the “apartment complex” “Parkovoye” built by the Konstantinov’s criminal construction company “Consol” and the structure “Firm Grantor” is being discussed on social networks.

It is reported that at the end of 2019, “all neighboring plots became the property” of “Gazprom” and “immediately after that, the developer” of the “Parkovoye” complex “began to declare the illegal construction of its own complex”.

Now, allegedly, “about 400 families are being evicted from the apartments” and it is reported that “electricity and water have begun to turn off” and the unlucky “owners” are left to post videos on social networks.

In fact, the conflict has deep roots, since the “Grantor Firm” of the late “Crimean authority” Lev Mirimsky and Konstantinov’s structures received building plots even before the occupation, and now the criminal “speaker” decided to “squeeze out of business” the relatives of his former accomplice.

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