Yesterday, the so-called “presidential representative in the southern federal district,” sanctioned Vladimir Ustinov, cynically and hypocritically called on the occupiers’ “administration” to “provide comprehensive material and social support” to the displaced residents of Ukraine, including to the occupied peninsula, stating that it was allegedly “about five million residents of Donbass” and other “south-eastern regions of Ukraine”.

Let’s start with the fact that this figure is “taken from the ceiling”, since, according to the UN, in the fall of 2022, the aggressor criminally moved a much smaller number of Ukrainian citizens. Of course, a certain “wave” is also caused by the fact that since October 2022 the occupiers have been trying to criminally massively move residents of the Kherson region, as well as by the fact that residents of the occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions have not been able to leave for the controlled territory of Ukraine since February, and later they are actively trying to leave war zones, including fleeing from criminal “mobilization”, and the only way available to them is through Russia to third countries.

Earlier, we wrote repeatedly that despite such propaganda statements, the occupying “administrations” in the Crimea have neither the desire nor the ability to “arrange” the inhabitants of mainland Ukraine, and that the peninsula has also become the same “transit zone”, from where they flee through Russia to third countries, as the Crimeans themselves also. Ustinov’s statements were actually “refuted” by collaborator Saldo, saying that for the residents of the Kherson region displaced by force, new settlements would allegedly be built on the Arabat Spit, that is, not in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

By the way, Saldo is also far from real life, since the Kherson part of Arabatka has long been densely built up with sanatoriums and boarding houses now captured by the aggressor, there is simply no place for mass housing construction. There is neither work nor social infrastructure in the Henichesk district for thousands of “settlers”, which, by the way, until 2022, the authorities of Ukraine stated, even then, in a much more adequate economic situation, having moved the project to accommodate several thousand displaced Crimean residents from Henichesk to Kherson city.

In recent years, Russia has criminally considered, in the conditions of the most severe demographic crisis, persons displaced from Ukraine as “new oil” – a kind of source of economic growth. But these people, primarily economically active, leave both Russia and the territories it occupies as soon as possible. This is also confirmed by the current scandal with the collapse of the “Far Eastern hectare” project, which, upon verification, turned out to be a complete falsification of local officials, which Ustinov, a native of those parts, cannot but know about.

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