As it was reported in social networks on May 21, the “Lavrenty” ferry, illegally used by the occupiers at the Kerch ferry crossing, went “for annual maintenance” until the beginning of summer, and at the same time, the “Kerchensky-2” ferry also had serious technical problems.

Russian occupiers are criminally advising to use the “alternative land corridor”, but on social networks people write about it that the passage of both a truck and a small truck “becomes impossible” due to queues.

Indeed, on the morning of May 22, a line of more than a thousand cars formed at Chongar to enter the Crimea.

It is also reported that the artificial dependence of Crimea on Russian products, created by the invaders, played a cruel joke on them – dairy products simply cannot withstand several days of idle time at the crossing.

Thus, the logistical impasse of the occupied Crimea, created by large-scale Russian aggression, has no rational solutions, except the liberation of the peninsula.

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