The aggressor-controlled “Crimean media” write about the statements of “cosmonaut Andrei Babkin” at the “Tavrida-ART forum” that “the territory in Crimea can be used for landing spacecraft and training on the Moon”. This “one-man show” should be considered as an echo of the propaganda campaign on the “Crimean space” planned by the Kremlin in connection with the launch of the “unfortunate” “Luna-25”, which was curtailed by the aggressor.

Babkin recalled “the runway of the Simferopol airport, which was built as a spare for the Buran spacecraft”, “a control center in Yevpatoria” and a “polygon for simulating the surface of the Earth’s satellite” in Shkilne, saying that allegedly “Crimea can become a spaceport” with “a base … for the lunar program and training of the space detachment”.

It is tragicomic not only that Babkin, the deputy head of the criminal “Roskosmos”, seeks to obtain, “despite everything”, under the guise of a “base”, some coastal land for the “corporation management”, and not only that the aforementioned “control center” “actively participated” in the recent loss of the station “Luna-25”.

The apogee of fakes from the aggressor was the fact that Babkin himself, referred to by the “Crimean” propaganda as a “cosmonaut”, himself never flew into space, being a classic functionary official from “Rosskomos”.

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