The other day, Russian businessman Edward Lisovsky, who lives on the Indonesian islands, said that “Crimea is much more beautiful than the island of Bali,” and that he supposedly “misses the beauty of Ai-Petri, walks along the Yalta embankment, seagulls in Sevastopol.” It would seem that Lisovsky’s simple “burst of sentimentality” was immediately spread by Russian propaganda.

Recall that Lisovsky became the “ideologist” of the popular child-free movement, that is, the conscious refusal of young people to have children for the purpose of self-development. This concept advertised by Lisovsky has become extremely popular in Russia, and it is also successfully monetized by a businessman on advertising in the face of millions of views of his resources. In 2020, Lisovsky also acquired in Moscow a share of a large business selling electronic cigarettes.

At the same time, since 2014, individual Kremlin ideologists have tried to “fight” Lisovsky, demanding that he be recognized as an extremist and “prohibit the child-free ideology.” However, everything ended with a ban on certain social pages controlled by Lisovsky. However, on September 7, 2022, a bill banning the child-free ideology was submitted to the aggressor’s State Duma, but on November 24, this amendment was rejected.

It is obvious that by delivering rather harsh ultimatums to Lisovsky through the real prospect of a ban, the Kremlin received “additional loyalty” from him in return, and now child-free supporters in Russia will listen to many criminal “exciting stories” about the “Russian world” from their guru. The expat started quite predictably, and his message about “the best Crimea in the world” and “very bad Bali”, where Putin recently could not get, has an obvious purpose.

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