In the end of 2022 the Russia-controlled “media” published a story regarding thief in Russia-occupied Crimea of copper cable from the tower crane, disassembled and laid out in parts in containers. Such “media” pointed that “suddenly incomplete” tower crane “belonged to “Petro-Haihua” plant”, located near Russia-controlled Simferopol Airport and that such illegal “plant” tried to “sell the crane” before and even “found the buyer”.

This tragicomic story of “small problem” reflects the illegal activities of “Haihua Industry Group” commercial group registered in Beijing, China. This structure, controlled by Chinese communistic regime, makes own activities as on territory of Russia so illegally in the Russia-occupied Crimea. Offices of “Haihua Industry Group” are registered in Surgut, Tyumen Region and in Moscow, as “Petro-Haihua” joint-stock company.

Its activities is related to the supply the technical equipment and industrial mechanisms, produced in communistic China to key Russian companies in area of oil and gas industry such as “Gazprom Neft”, “Rosneft”, “ERIELL group”, also to some Russian airport companies, including Surgut and Kaluga. Also “Haihua Industry Group” declares its co-operation with some third countries’ companies in area of oil and gas industry.

Ukraine established sanctions against “Haihua” enterprises by the Decree of President of Ukraine № 266/2021 The key reasons for those sanctions it the illegal activities of “Perto-Haihua” in Russia-occupied Crimea exactly – in illegal building of so-called “new terminals” of Simferopol airport, including relevant equipment. “Petro-Haihua” opened its illegal “branch” in Ukromne settlement near Simferopol and also made illegal “vacancies” for Crimean residents, such as foreman of engineering networks, excavator drivers, economists, production and repair mechanicians and inventory accountants.

The key illegal ‘partner’ of “Petro-Haihua” in Russia-occupied Crimea is so-called “International Airport “Simferopol”” fake “enterprise”, and common volume of their illegal “agreements” is more that some billions of rubles, including 15.1 billion for illegal “reconstruction” of ‘Runway Airstrip 1’ of the pointed airport, including activities in 2022.

And, as our Association informed relevant European and other competent structures on illegal activities of “Haihua Industry Group” and “Petro-Haihua” that criminally support illegal occupation of Crimea, other forms of Russian aggression, attempted genocide of Ukrainian people and war crimes – soon those structures will have not small, but big problems also.

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