The “town council” of Feodosia, controlled by the Russian occupants, during its “session” onSeptember 25 adopted the “decision” on the “right to buy out the municipal plots for 5% of their costfor owners of real estate on such plots”. Of course, not all Feodosians will be able to practically realizethis opportunity.
Until recently, the wife of the “head of Crimea”, Elena Aksenova was considered as the “night mayor”of Feodosia. With connection of Moscow criminals and with the general director of “Russia Today”Dmitry Kiselev, she planned to turn Big Feodosia into her own “elite tourist center”.
With such goal, with a big scandal and the resignation of Svetlana Gevchuk, the “chairman of the citycouncil of Feodosia” from the “speaker” Konstantinov’s clan, the Koktebel embankment wastransferred to the “property” of the “Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea”. Even earlier, in2017, Aksenov generally tried to introduce citizens’ self-taxation in Crimea, including Feodosia. Thegoal of the new “decision” of the occupational town administration is to sell urgently lands at bargainprices to the “group of chosen Feodosians”, and to create a lot of illegal land relations in order tocomplicate some of administrative stages of future de-occupation of Crimea.

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