In Crimea the struggle is intensifying between the groups of the occupying powers, the gangstergroups linked to them, and the “public” for the remainder of the billions from the “federal targetprogram” (FTP) substantially curtailed by the Kremlin. On September 24 the Crimean “FSBDepartment” detained Andrey Koval, the “vice-mayor” of Yevpatoria, who oversees the FTP, andDirector of the Yevpatoria “Directorate of Capital Construction” (UKS) Sergei Ferrario, on charges ofaccepting a bribe of 10.5 million roubles for “patronage” while carrying out work on the constructionof a modular kindergarten within the framework of the FTP.
The “Investigative Committee” of the invaders reports that Koval and Ferrario “pleaded guilty”, and“that’s why” they were “graciously” sent under house arrest. But we are not interested in suchapproach of the invaders to “justice”, but in the fact, that, as it is clear from the public registers, theYevpatorian “UKS” in 2019-2020, under the leadership of Koval and Ferrario, mastered more than 5billion roubles of “subsidies” from Moscow out of the total amount in 8 billion roubles, allotted for 6years of occupation. At the same time, there are no expensive tenders for kindergartens with such alarge budget in the open registers for the period of Koval’s “leadership” by Yevpatoria (summer 2019 –autumn 2020), from which it would be economically expedient to pay a “kickback” in the indicatedamount of 10,5 million. Apparently we are talking about contracts concluded under the “drug princeKazantip”, “mayor” of Yevpatoria in 2014 – 2019 Andrei Filonov. And the firms, that received promisingorders from him, having lost their patron, obediently agreed to work in an operation initiated by theRussian security officers to redistribute financial flows “allocated to Yevpatoria”.
It is worth noting that Andrei Koval had held senior positions in the “Sevastopol Capital ConstructionDepartment” under the “governor” Ovsyannikov for a number of years under the occupiers. With this“governor” the Kremlin poured tens of billions of roubles into occupied Sevastopol to build a showcasefor the “Russian world”. During the period of “governorship” of “Rostec” protege Ovsyannikov, hissupport was the former Minister of Defense of Ukraine Pavel Lebedev, the owner of the constructionempire “Parangon”, and Evgeny Kabanov, director of the construction empire “Interstroy”, “Deputy

Prime Minister of the Republic of Crimea”. Both of these characters played a key role in the most high-profile scandals of Yevpatoria in recent years.
As “ARC” already wrote, lobbying for Lebedev’s interests in building Yevpatoria bypassing the “head ofCrimea” Aksenov was one of the reasons for the loud arrest of “mayor of the city” Andrey Filonov.After the arrest, most of the tasty financial flows were “squeezed” from his protege and patrons.Doing the dirty work for Aksenov to “master” billions of the “federal target program”, “Deputy PrimeMinister” Kabanov, with the support of the bandits who came to power in Crimea on Russianbayonets, brought his people to “grain positions”, including the recently detained Koval. Since it iscustomary for the invaders to periodically imprison and “pump” one from another funds, stolen fromtheir federal bosses, Koval is extremely likely to become (or rather has already become) for the FSB asource of testimony against his Crimean “senior comrades”. This is evidenced by the fact, that for alarge bribe he got off with only house arrest, while the former “mayor” Filonov has been in jail for ayear and a half.
The recent statement of the Russian Accounts Chamber that the 120 billion roubles, “allocated toCrimea” by the Kremlin “simply disappeared” allows tp suggest that Putin, in the face of completeeconomic collapse in the Russian Federation, decided to remove the Crimean collaborators fromfeeding. Doing this, the FSB gave the command to “sink” officials in charge of federal money,including the developer, which is no longer needed by the Kremlin, “Deputy Prime Minister” YevgenyKabanov. After all, Russia’s financing of the temporarily occupied Crimea is being cut, and on thebackground of the fallen “kickbacks”, the Russian security officials will most likely want to replenishtheir incomes by “drying up” from the already unnecessary top collaborators.

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