On July 5, the criminal Sergey Aksyonov announced the next replacement of the gautleiter in Russia-occupied Feodosia, since the illegal “head of administration” Vladimir Popenkov allegedly “wrote a letter of resignation of his own free will”.

Let us recall that Popenkov became the criminal “head” on November 26 last year, and even then we noted that in this fictitious “election” it was not the personality of the “mayor” who was previously listed in the Feodosia structure of the illegal “Krymenergo”, but the fact that since 2014 years criminal “bosses” are constantly replaced by an aggressor in the town.

Even then, such a “personnel leapfrog”, caused by the constant struggle of groups of collaborators and aggressor’s special services among themselves, caused sarcasm even among the “media” and “bloggers” who were completely loyal to the aggressor, calling Popenkov nothing more than “senile grandfather”.

However, as the “Crimean blogger” Alexander Gornyi, controlled by the Russian special services, said yesterday, “they say Popenkov did not want to sign up the acts of work performed”, which led to the dissatisfaction of the “superior” collaborators over the disruption of some scam with “budgetary funds”.

Thus, Aksyonov now needs a performer in the occupied Feodosia for scams, in which even the “senile” Popenkov was careful not to participate.

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