We have previously repeatedly described the criminal acts of the Crimean collaborator, the fake “head of the German national-cultural autonomy” and “state council deputy” Yuri Hempel. As a “professional German” for propaganda from the Kremlin intelligence services, he, among other things, was an unsuccessful instrument of “people’s diplomacy”, as a result of which only a couple of city madmen were brought to Crimea from Germany during two years of the great war and received a “Baden scandal” over the breaking of the friendship treaty with Yalta; Hempel also makes Crimeans laugh with stories about “hundreds of German families moving to Crimea from European sodomy”, counting 220 of them in his parallel reality.

However, Hempel’s new statements were obviously not invented by him, but became a public announcement of a large-scale operation being carried out by the Kremlin against German sovereignty. We are talking about a kind of “denunciation” by Russia of the Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany in 1990, signed by France, the USSR, Great Britain and the USA, as well as Germany and the socialist regime in Berlin. This treaty terminated the responsibility of the four victorious powers of World War II in relation to Berlin and Germany as a whole and abolished all institutions of the four powers associated with the division of Germany, stating that a united Germany would gain full sovereignty over its internal and external affairs.

The fact that the promised “denunciation” of the treaty will not change the actual and legal situation in Europe is obvious, but in the “current perspective” it will clearly give the Kremlin the opportunity to speculate on the fake “German democratic republic”, starting from the provocations of pro-Kremlin parties in Berlin, and ending with the puppet “government” in Moscow. Since, according to Hempel’s criminal announcements, “the statement of the Crimean Germans has already reached the deputies of the Bundestag,” at this stage, denunciation will be an obvious matter of the Kremlin’s terrorist blackmail against Germany, the European Union and the civilized world as a whole.

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