On December 20, experts of our Association Borys Babin and candidate of sciences Olexiy Plotnikov took an active part in the III international scientific conference “Maritime security of the Baltic-Black Sea region: challenges and threats”, held on the basis of the Odessa State University of Internal Affairs with the participation of the Ukraine’s Military Academy, Institute of Naval Forces, National Defense University and Baltic International Academy.

In his speech, Professor Babin described the processes of expelling the aggressor from the Danube Commission and from the Belgrade Convention, and also mentioned Ukraine’s withdrawal from bilateral agreements with Russia on the exploitation of the Sea of Azov, and about the corresponding legal processes, including court case 420/8381/20.

The report of Oleksiy Plotnikov, candidate of sciences, described the Association’s developments regarding the qualification of the crime of ecocide of an aggressor using the example of the bombing of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station dam by the Russian invaders and the corresponding negative consequences for the ecology of the Black Sea and the Crimean Peninsula.

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