As it is known from open sources, Russian invaders’ illegal “authorities” closely co-operate with illegally “registered” in Russian invaders’ “registries” “LLC “Atla”, illegal “tax number” 9201016180, located in Sevastopol, Rybporta Embankment, 19-а, with beneficiaries, such as “director” Alexander Terekhov, and his sons, Alexei Terekhov and Andrei Terekhov.

As web-site of “Atla” and other sources points, this structure illegally carries out work on the repair, modernization and adjustment of technological equipment for the processing of fish and krill raw materials on fishing vessels and food industry enterprises; designs and manufactures non-standard equipment for the fish and food industry; works for fishing companies and coastal enterprises.

“Atla” declares that it produces also lines for receiving, buffer storage, sorting and packaging of fish on ships of the SRTM-K type, repair and modernize of technological lines and equipment at fish processing enterprises; manufacture and supply spare parts for freezers, for fish meal plants canning and other equipment; manufacture belt, scraper, screw, bucket conveyors, including those with modular belts, and many other technological equipment and manufacture of a ship processing line for the production of meat from Antarctic shrimp (Euphausia superba).

For example, “Atla” got in December, 2022 illegal “subsidies” from Russia-controlled criminal “department of economic development of city of Sevastopol”, in 500 thousands roubles. Later, in March 2023 “Atla” was “awarded” by the Russia-controlled criminal “rating” in Sevastopol as so-called “Exporter of year”.

“Atla” web-site points that New Zealand company, Sealord Group, is its business partner. “Sealord Group Ltd”, registered in Nelson, New Zealand, is a producer of fishery and operates by eight fishery vessels flying flag of New Zealand, and as minimum one o them, exactly “Meridian-1” IMO number 8838520, is “technically supported” by sanctioned Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, register number 900899.

Regarding such situation, our Association addressed officially to “Sealord Group Ltd” with demand to clarify the issue of possible co-operation with illegal “Atla” and ARC also asked in submission, prepared by professor Borys Babin, the competent New Zealand authorities, European Commission and competent civil and national structures of other interested states to research this issue regarding relevant sanction policy violations, to make relevant new sanction and legal enforcement steps, to inform us about the development of this situation.

Earlier our Association published already some investigations on fishery mafia, connected exactly with oceanic krill fishery and relevant aggressor’s special services’ activities.

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