In framework of our Association’s permanent cooperation with authorized UN bodies submission was sent to UN Committee on the Rights of the Child drafting a General Comment on children’s rights and the environment with a special focus on climate change. The Committee will adopt the Comment during its ongoing 93rd session that will end in May 26, 2023.

ARC’s submission, prepared by Professor Borys Babin an published on UN web-sources, described criminal Russia’s deportation of Ukrainian children and gave examples of negative impacts of Russian aggression against climate, including atmospheric pollution due to mass extensive emissions of combustion products, the destruction of thousands of square kilometers of forests and plantations near frontline, as well as natural soils in the combat zone close to the Crimea, the intervention of the Russian occupiers in the melioration management and natural watercourses in Southern Ukraine.

Submission stressed that it seems to be that negative climate changes are not the side effect of Russian aggression against Ukraine, but it is one of its major goals, as Kremlin use the narratives that the global warming and ocean level rise are allegedly useful for Russia as such situation will allegedly allow to develop actively the natural resources of Russia-controlled northern part of Eurasia.

Submission pointed that new General Comment must pay special attention to rights to sustainable development and environmental safety of displaced children and of indigenous children also. Special attention must be paid to role of International Criminal Court and special tribunals in cases of war crimes against children and of ECtHR in cases of gross violations of rights of children in conflict zones and zones of foreign effective control must be reflected in the comment.

Submission added that issues of illegal activities of mercenaries, paramilitary structures, militaristic and racist propaganda against children in conflict zones must be reflected in the General Comment.

Aspects of state terrorism and financing of terrorist groups and activities, issues of racial discrimination and genocidal policy that are against children in conflict zones control must be reflected in the Comment also, ARC added.

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