Our Association, in framework of permanent co-operation with United Nations’ bodies, sent to UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights professor Alexandra Xanthaki the submission for her thematic report to UN HRC on connection the cultural rights and migration.

ARC pointed to UN Rapporteur that after the occupation of Crimea started in 2014, Russia, in violation of the requirements of the IV Geneva Convention, extended the action of its own “criminal, administrative, civil and labour legislation” to the occupied peninsula, discriminating displaced persons from Ukraine’s mainland as alleged “foreign migrants” and “refugees”, including their cultural discriminating.

ARC stressed in our submission, prepared by professor Borys Babin, that after broad-scale aggression started against Ukraine Russian invaders blocked the possibility for Ukrainians, residing in the Russia-occupied territories, to get the territory, controlled by government of Ukraine, and Association pointed also on issues of illegal deportation the Ukrainian youth by Russian invaders.

ARC stressed in submission to Dr. Xanthaki that all Ukrainian minors taken in this way from the war zone to the Russia-occupied peninsula are subject to criminal “sorting” and all their cultural needs were ignored by Russian invaders. Deported Ukrainian minors are illegally forced by aggressor’s structures to learn the “Russian school program” in Russia-occupied Crimea and in the Russian territory.

ARC pointed in our submission, published on UN web-sources, to UN Rapporteur that the international law must determine the mechanisms of application the standards of migrants’ rights, including cultural ones, in compliance with Geneva Conventions, 1949.

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