Our Association, on framework of permanent co-operation with UN structures, sent submission to UN Special Rapporteur right to food, professor Michael Fakhri for his forcoming Report to UN Human Rights Council, focusing on the nature, degree, and cause of violence present in food systems, including situations of conflict, and war.

In ARC’s submission, presented by professor Borys Babin, the issues of Istanbul “Grain Deal” were described with relevant activities of Turkey and UN to unblock Ukraine’s Black Sea grain exports after a Russian criminal blockade raised fears of a global food crisis. Association’s impact described Russia’s provocations against “Grain Deal” with aggressor’s manipulation of issue of “unilateral sanctions” against Russia-controlled grain and mineral fertilizers; that anyway was not connected with Istanbul agreements, and has more moral than politic or legal framework.

Submission stressed that Russia’s illegal violence-connected activities on the issues of Istanbul grain agreements have features of state terrorism. Regarding Russia’s terroristic attempts to violate the right to food on global and regional levels as a part of Russian aggression against Ukraine, Russia’s membership in FAO must be suspended, stressed the ARC’s submission, available on UN web-sources.

Also ARC’s submission pointed, that, as the term of those agreements soon will be over it seems to be that Russia will make some more provocations in Black Sea against infrastructural objects, such as Turk Stream underwater gas pipeline, or trade vessels in sea.

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