On June 19, at the Ukrainian State University named after Drahomanov, a discussion was held on the draft regulations and internal policies of the Expert Network of the International Crimean Platform, developed at the III Strategic Forum “The Future of Crimea” in March, which was conducted by the Crimean Tatar Resource Center with the support of the Naumann Foundation. The development of the projects was carried out after the relevant decision of the meeting of the coordinators of the working groups of the Expert Network, which entrusted the development of the projects to Eskender Bariiev as one of the coordinators of the working group of the Network.
The discussion was initiated by the Forum participants, who had previously sent relevant projects to the current working groups of the Expert Network, and experts from our Association, Professor Borys Babin, as well as, online, Anna Prikhodko and Olesya Tsybulko, took an active part in it.
During the discussion, the most pressing issues of strategy and institutionalization of the Expert Network, issues of its financing and the activities of the Network Secretariat were raised.
Some participants, from among the current experts of the International Crimean Platform, expressed different views on the degree of orderliness of the Network’s work and on the degree of responsibility of its members for the activities carried out, or for its apparent absence.
Also, some participants voiced the opinion that the regulations or regulations on the Network, if adopted, supposedly should not affect the current “architecture” and “actual state of affairs and management” of the Expert Network.
At the same time, Konstantin Zakharenko, on behalf of the specialized research center established at the Ukrainian State University, emphasized that activities to constructively streamline expert work regarding the de-occupation of the Crimea will certainly continue.
The head of the Crimean Tatar Resource Center, Eskender Bariiev, and the Center’s lawyer, Lyudmila Korotkikh, once again emphasized the need to streamline the activities of the Expert Network of the International Crimean Platform, by adopting its internal documents, in particular to attract systemic, transparent funding and experts from third countries, as well as for effective work planning.
As a result of the meeting, taking into account the categorical position of its individual participants, it was decided to receive written positions on the projects proposed by the Network from all current working groups of the Expert Network of the International Crimean Platform by August 1, in order to subsequently make a final decision regarding the fate of the regulations and internal Network politician.

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