According to social networks, in the winter at the training ground in the occupied Crimea, which most likely means located in the Perevalnoe village, about 500 persons, mobilized by the aggressor from Khakassia, Altai Territory and Kuzbass underwent criminal “training”.

Then they were transported to the vicinity of Lugansk, where the mobilized were “trained” under the leadership of the terrorist “Wagner”, and then they were sent to the base of a certain aggressor’s “volunteer” 60 “separate assault brigade” “Veterans”, where they “were taken away their military cards and assigned them to another regiment 1194 and another unit 41794”.

According to the relatives of the mobilized, it turned out that the indicated “Veterans” bought the indicated 500 mobilized from the Russian military at a price of 25 thousand rubles “per head” and sent them “to storm Bakhmut in the first line.”

Relatives also stated that on May 12, these mobilized people reported that “they were on the first line of combat contact, in the Bakhmut direction, as part of assault brigades. There was no communication, there was no support, they went with machine guns to the tanks…. out of 501 people, only about 130 returned”.

This criminal epic is characterized, first of all, by the recognition that in the aggressor’s structures, the mobilized not only became “cannon fodder”, but also “are sold at auction”, which obviously also covers the contingent criminally recruited by the invaders in the occupied Crimea, where the above mentioned “trained”, as “temporarily living commodity”.

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