On February 22 and 23, experts from our Association actively participated in the conference “War in Ukraine: conclusions drawn and lessons not learned,” which was held at the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs by the Department of Education, Science and Sports of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, by the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine and by the European Union Advisory Mission.

During the event, ARC expert, Professor Borys Babin presented a systematic study of criminal proceedings for the crime of genocide in the legal system of Ukraine, describing both the experience of relevant cases of the Holodomor and the deportation of the Crimean Tatars, and the current practice of countering the propaganda of genocide, committed by the aggressor.

ARC expert Associate Professor Anna Prikhodko described, with an emphasis on relevant Crimean cases, issues of universal jurisdiction for international crimes of an aggressor and highlighted the corresponding processes in a number of European countries and related challenges. ARC expert Associate Professor Andrei Chvalyuk characterized the situation regarding the criminal “glorification” of the aggressor’s military in the Crimea as a threat to the security of the Ukrainian territories deoccupied in the future.

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