Our Association constantly monitors, both before the start of large-scale Russian aggression and in the current conditions, the processes of militarization of the Black and Azov Seas and the corresponding risks and threats to international shipping.

Systematic informing international structures about the relevant negative situation has already led to the exclusion of Russia from the Danube Commission, from the Paris Memorandum of Port State Control, to the refusal of third countries to cooperate with the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, to the tightening of the sanctions policy, as well as to the adoption by the International Maritime Organization of resolution C/ES.35, which established special monitoring in the field of maritime security for the Azov and Black Seas.

Further, acting within the framework of this resolution C/ES.35, our Association periodically sends information to authorized international bodies, national maritime administrations regarding the main risks for merchant shipping arising from the criminal acts of Russian aggressors that use occupied Crimea as militasry and naval base.

For example, in the context of the obvious descent of the policy of Russian aggression into state terrorism, and the recognition of this fact by the PAСE resolution, as well as by the decisions of the parliaments of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Estonia, there is a need to counter Russian terrorism directed against shipping and maritime infrastructure in the Black Sea region.

In particular, the corresponding risks of new Russian provocations against pipelines and merchant ships of third countries were justifiably described in the regular communication of our Association, available on the website of the Paris Memorandum of Port State Control.

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