Despite the statements of Russian propaganda that the front in the south “will be held along the left bank of the Dnipro”, in fact, the Russian invaders are actively preparing to transfer hostilities to areas, close to the occupied Crimea.

For example, the media write about the occupiers-organized removal of collaborators from Kakhovka to Henichesk, as close as possible to the Crimea, declared by the aggressor to be the fake “temporary capital of the Kherson region.”

Near the occupied Henichesk itself, the Russian invaders, on the one hand, are restoring the bridge they need for the transfer of equipment to the Arabat Spit, and on the other, they are digging trenches and building fortifications in the northern part of the Spit itself, near the Henicheska Horka.

Earlier it was reported that the aggressor was building fortifications in the areas of Hola Pristan, Kakhovka and Melitopol, and now social networks also indicate similar activities in the Yakymivka area, south of occupied Melitopol, as well as near the Crimean Armyansk town.

On November 11, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov said that no one would freeze the conflict.

At the same time, in the occupied Crimea, after the aggressor retreated to Nova Kakhovka, the fake “head of the republic” Sergei Aksyonov suddenly began to “calm down the Crimean residents”, saying that the region “does not depend on the North Crimean Canal” and “there will be enough water for us for two years.”

Similar “promises” were simultaneously voiced by the fake “speaker” Volodimir Konstantinov. However, the Crimean collaborators themselves are well aware that it is hardly appropriate for them to predict anything for such a long time.

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